In this post, I’ll be discussing my overeating issue and how I’ve been dealing with it. This is something that has been a problem for me my entire life! When people get sober, they tend to turn to food in order to replace that emptiness. In effect, I got up to 330 pounds. Learning that you suffer from overeating while in the early stages is so important for your self-image and your health. Don’t wait until it’s too late, like I did!

Learning About My Overeating Issue

The first time I discovered I had an overeating issue was when I was a little boy. My family would travel a lot and we would try all the good food from anywhere we traveled at that time. Our family used to have a saying, they would tell my brother “You’re not leaving this table until you eat!”. They would say to me, “Step away from the table!”.

Eating used to make me feel great! Before I ever got addicted to any hard substances, I loved food! I went through elementary school in Shamokin, Pennsylvania. (Go Little Indians!) We actually got taught how to swim in that school and I was super self conscious because I had to take my shirt off!

When Is The Right Time To Crack Down?

Don’t wait until you are 330 pounds like I did. Start getting help for your overeating today. It’s time to start caring about what you put into your body. It’s time to start loving how we look and feel! Guys, if you are noticing that you are going way over budget by eating out, now is the time! Contact me and we will do it together, I’m here for everyone!

Most people never decide it’s time to crack down. They just live their life overeating. I was almost that person, it is not hard to justify overeating every single day! Just like it isn’t hard to justify spitting into a bottle your whole life, or stepping outside in the cold for a smoke every 30 minutes. The shows you see on T.V. are real, and it happens suddenly. Don’t let it happen to you!

Overeating Issue: Conclusion

The picture above is me on the day of writing this. I’m not in the best shape ever or the most fit. I do build bridges full time and try to work as hard as I can while at work in order to stay fit. I do not go to the gym or anything like that. Therefore, work is my exercise. I am in the best shape of MY life and am stronger than I’ve ever been. If you are diabetic, please don’t try my methods!

When I feel like I’m losing control, I do a 24–50 hour water fast. Followed by only eating tuna for a week. (Add low fat mayo if you can’t do it plain) I give myself sweets and sodas as a reward for doing other things. Don’t drink soda without it being a reward! Since moving to the south, sweet tea is also starting to become a reward for me. I’m not the best at nutrition and I’m no expert! This is what I do and feel free to let me know if it works for you if you decide to try it!



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